Bringing on the Dawn

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Real talk, I think I was a blogger in my past life. I've always tried to blog & truth be told instagram has somewhat took away the allure of blogging to a degree. But fuck that, this is therapeutic for me.

These blog posts will solely be about my inner thoughts & reflection from time to time, plus a few youtube links & updates about whatever I'm getting myself into. Also random taste posts or things I've been obsessing about. Wow this shit is fire I'm already loving it.

Personal tip. This week I'm focusing on putting togethers all the furniture in my crib finally. Also, my computer flat out went battery defunct so I'm typing this from the iPhone. Actually, the tech nigga here just told me the battery I ordered was the wrong battery (even though they were the ones who recommended the battery smh!!!). All positive vibes! I just downloaded this "Among Us" game too so I'm about to see how thats cracking.

Till next time folks.

- Sylvan

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